Napa Bee Swarms

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This site is operated by a group of concerned Napa Beekeepers. It is not affiliated with any club, association or entity. It is a loosely associated group of advanced researchers and beekeepers who’s main goal is to go a little deeper into beekeeping than the average hobbyist. Our goal is to further understand specific aspects of beekeeping through discussion, research and practice.

We encourage all keepers to STOP buying nuc’s – packages and Queens.

Our mission is to offer FREE bees to all Napa beekeepers. Open to all keepers from Vallejo to Calsitoga. Local genetic’s for local keepers. Plain and simple. With over  25 keepers on call and growing.


I highly encourage all beekeepers NOT to order, buy or bring in package bees, nucs or queens from outside our immediate area! Instead, arrange to obtain bees from neighbor beekeepers in close proximity.

Serge Labesque © 2019


Our goal is to educate the general public in the value of bees and to teach by association the value of beekeeping as a hobby, and its important role in agriculture and general health of the planet.©2014


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2019 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 19 Swarm Captures – 17 Extractions – 5


2018 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 63 Swarm Captures – 55 Extractions – 27

2017 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 49 Swarm Captures – 43 Extractions – 13