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This site is operated by Napa Beekeepers. It is not affiliated with any club, association or entity. We simply offer Beekeeping education and swarm help that is unbiased, factual and without agenda.

In the next few months we will be offering for hire services that will include site selection, supply and help maintaining your hives.

We will also be offering video and multimedia conferencing, E-dives and E-help to clients not in our travel range. As well as a interactive lecture series on line that you can follow on your tablet, phone or computer.

This site is to help you gain the resources and information you need. Whether you are in a group, student or solo beekeeper. We are here to offer you information to help you along no matter what path or management style you practice.

Our goal is to educate the general public in the value of bees and to teach by association the value of beekeeping as a hobby, and its important role in agriculture and general health of the planet.


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2018 Swarm Stats to date

First Swarm of the Year 01.01.18

*** St – Helena, Ca Jorge Garibay ***

2018 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 63 Swarm Captures – 55 Extractions – 27

2017 Swarm Stats to date

Swarm Calls – 49 Swarm Captures – 43 Extractions – 13