We all have questions. You should take it upon yourself to research a problem first. Beekeeping is about learning for yourself. The internet is a wonderful resource in reason. Most questions can be answered by visiting the yahoo group at http//pets.groups/beekeepersofnapavalley/

We also have a Facebook page Make sure you go to the public page as there are many pages that are groups or closed sites. We are open to the public for all keepers.

The BEST form of information when first starting out beekeeping is attending a beekeeping club. The nearest club for beginners is Sonoma County Beekeeping Association. Some people find clubs helpful where other prefer to make their own decisions. Many clubs have different management practices. You should see what fits your beliefs and follow that group or newsgroup. As you progress you will find you will start making your own decisions and start doing research to find answers.

We highly recommend that you attend a couple hive dives before you take up beekeeping. The Napa Valley College, St. Helena Campus, offers monthly dives during the summer.  Even if you been beekeeping for years it aways is a learning experience for you and the host.

Hive dives, and college classes will answer hundreds of questions, teach you the bee speak and make you feel more comfortable in the group environment. Most beekeepers will tell you they learn something everyday. After all bees have nearly 400 million years head start over humans.

But if your at a crossroads and need the advice of experienced beekeepers. You can find mentors by going to the yahoo group and asking for help. Or by contacting the college for names of keepers that can help you with a specific problem or question.

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This site does not endorse any club; official or non-official in the  Napa Valley, nor does it endorse any particular beekeeper. Beekeepers all have there way of doing things. You should always weigh the advice given and talk to as many keepers as possible to get what you think sounds right.