Browse through our photo library for help identifying bee pests, to see a swarm, to view cut-outs, or to get a better sense of what beekeeping really looks like. If you have your own awesome beekeeping photos, send them our way, and we’ll add them to the gallery and credit you. We aim to provide a range of quality beekeeping photos for the benefit and education of our members and the community

Honey Extraction Class

Clos du Val winery was kind enough to allow the BKNV to teach a honey extraction class. Use of a Solar wax melter, Solar honey Melter, and Honey Frame extractor. We also discussed uses for bees wax. Using propolis and honey as a food, medical treatment, food preserver, light source and beauty product. A wine, cheese and honey tasting and lunch followed. What a great educational and relaxing day!

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Fell Tree Extraction

Cut out from a fell tree on hwy 29. This one required some expert chainsaw action and the comb was cut out and placed into frames. A specially designed bee vacuum designed by Rob Keller of Napa Valley Bee Co. made this a safe and easy extraction.

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Hive Dives

Hive Dives are great ways to learn and see hives in action. We looked through three hives in different levels of development and pulled 7 solid capped frames of honey. A light snack of fresh honey comb from the tower extraction, and that days dive were enjoyed in the blistering 100 degree heat.

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Scary Old Water Tower Extraction

Adrian and Jon did three separate cut outs to remove the nests from the roof of this old water tower in Napa.

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Lost Hive

 This show reveals a small clutter of bees that did not have enough stores to make it through a very cold winter. They starved in a tight cluster that rotted. Any remaining honey was robbed from the cells. Maggots on the observation board are from the rotting mass.

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Wax and candles

Here is a quick and easy way to render wax and make beeswax tea candles. Put your wax into knee high nylon stockings, tie at the top and place in a solar wax melter. Allow a couple days to extract. If the wax isn’t clean run it in the extractor again. Then use a double boiler to heat clean wax. Cut a #5 square wicks, into one inch strips and fasten to the top of a mini muffin pan with bobby pins. Pour in wax let set and pop them out.

Instant Romance!

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